The Company

Interior Contract International Ltd. (ICIL) is a fitting-out decoration and contracting company with close to 40 years of experience.

Based in Hong Kong, with multiple offices and a dedicated factory in Mainland China and Macau, ICIL has gained country-wide and international acclaim. ICIL has accomplished well over a hundred prestigious projects for various businesses; hotels & resorts, residences, clubhouses, restaurants, commercial complexes and offices, almost all of which are luxurious. With an ever growing client base and nearly 40 years' worth of experience and excellent reputation for quality work, ICIL grows ever stronger and the future is bright for ICIL.

Core Value

The success of ICIL is based on a clearly defined core value:

Core Value

Our Mission

Our Mission
Our Mission is Simple

To bring valuable solutions to satisfy the clients' quest for unmatched premium luxury by utilizing and further refining gained knowledge and experience as well as pioneering new solutions.

Our Vision

  • I - Innovation
    We are committed to continue improving our interior contracting works with workable, updated and innovative methods.
  • C - Customer-focus
    We respond and react to the needs of our internal, external customers and all stakeholders.
  • I - Intelligent Team
    We capture our best practices from our numerous job reference and transfer into knowledge for all staff as well as our client's benefit.
  • L - Leading Position
    We maintain in the leading position of the interior contracting field.