ICIL-ZS, which is wholly owned by ICIL, is a furniture specialist that manufactures and supplies various kinds of timber & metal furniture, fixtures, and soft furnishings.

It was first set up as a workshop by ICIL in 1993 in order to supply the necessary carpentry products for ICIL projects. Having had increasing enquiries and demand for furniture from China and overseas, ICIL-ZS is now not only the appointed sole manufacturer for ICIL, but also one of the highest quality and most reliable furniture manufacturer in China and possibly the world.

As a result of extensive experience in manufacturing and designing in various sectors, ICIL-ZS has become a world class carpentry and wrought iron manufacturer. ICIL-ZS can produce furniture and fixtures of different styles such as classical European & American, nostalgic, and contemporary & modern style. Drawings and samples are always produced promptly according to the clients blue prints, sketches or their wildest imaginations.

    In order to cope with the growth in business, ICIL-ZS has experienced three expansions. The total area has increased from 200,000 square feet to 500,000 square feet with over 800 staff.
    The furniture and fixtures are usually a combination of hardwood, Medium density fibreboard (MDF) and veneer from different countries. Walnut, Oak, Cherry, Maple, Wenge and Mahogany are the most popular.
    ICIL-ZS resides in the premium location of Zhongshan, Guangdong, PRC – the First Industrial Zone of Nan Long Town, very close to the Zhongshan Port. It takes only 15 minutes from the factory to the Port. This favorable location is excellent for import and export. In addition, it takes only 90 minutes from Hong Kong to Zhongshan by ferry or two hours from Shenzhen to the factory by road.
    The Connoisseur line is a line of furniture that are designed and manufactured in-house by ICIL-ZS. Drawing from the vast portfolio of exquisite designs from the interior contracting side, the Connoisseur line makes premium hotel grade furniture available to the public. In addition, ICIL is currently developing a line of environmentally friendly furniture utilizing advanced applied sciences such as nanotechnology to create furniture that are highly functional, such as stain resistant fabrics, ecofriendly, such as formaldehyde free plywood, and still at the same time maintaining comfort and luxury which are synonymous with ICIL.