Interior Contracting

Interior Contracting

Since its successful establishment in 1975, ICIL has provided high quality fitting- out decoration and contracting products and services to hundreds of clients ranging from hotels & resorts to corporate offices and retail complexes. The vast amount of knowledge and experience gained from successes and mistakes over the thirty plus years propels ICIL to the leading position in the interior contracting field.

Due to the great reputation and positive recognition of ICIL, ICIL receives huge amounts of pre-qualification enquiries and tender invitations. The expert tendering team can respond to these inquiries in a stringent timeframe without compromising the quality of work.

The high caliber individuals within ICIL work together in a succinct and coordinated manner, led by highly efficient and experienced project managers, the teams can handle all kinds of projects. From the renovation of small houses to projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars, ICIL has done it all. With the huge amount of experience and expertise gained over the years, projects can be finished on time to the customers' utmost satisfaction. There are no unsolvable problems for ICIL. We welcome you to challenge us!

A game changing advantage ICIL has is that all carpentry is supplied by our own factory in Zhongshan, China. This means that the quality, logistics, costs and also other important factors such as waste management and other environmental concerns can be directly monitored and controlled which results in the best quality and best prices for the clients as well as the best for the environment. Also, with the close connection between the factory and the project teams, in the unlikely event that there is a problem with the carpentry, the problem can be solved quickly and efficiently for the best of the client's benefit.

Furthermore, in addition to the carpentry works supplied by our own factory, ICIL has also established a countrywide sourcing network covering almost all of China. ICIL is able to source all sorts of specific products and materials as requested by the client at competitive quality and prices.

Once again, we welcome you to challenge us.