Stone Works

Stone Works


Stone Kaleidoscope Ltd (ICIL-STONE) is a 500,000 square feet stone processing center situated in Guangdong, Yun Fu. It is renowned as one of the biggest stone factories in the region.

Stone Kaleidoscope Ltd is an all-round stone manufacturer engaged in stone shaping, sheet material processing and parquetting. Most of the stones are directly imported from Italy, Spain, Turkey and Iran, etc.

The factory is equipped with advanced processing machinery which are capable of producing circular columns, Roman columns, foreign plates, curved stairs, stone lines, sculptures and other stone craft products with high quality for indoor and outdoor use.

With professional staff who have years of experience in the stone processing industry and advanced equipment capabilities, ICIL-STONE can turn the clients' most incredible ideas into reality. ICIL-STONE has the ability to undertake large-scale construction projects in the Greater China Region as well as overseas.

    • Marble
    • Travertine
    • Re-Constituted Stone
    • Granite
    • Onyx
    • Special Stones